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Affordable Care Act/ Health Insurance Exchange

If you do not have health insurance, your first step in Rhode Island should be to call HealthSource RI at 855-840-4774 or begin the application process online at www.healthsourceri.com; in Conntecticut the agency is called Access Health CT and the website is www.accesshealthct.com.

In-person appointments and telephone assistance is also available at Wood River Health Services by calling our Outreach and Enrollment Specialists at 401.387.9630.

To learn more how the Affordable Care Act and healthcare reform can assist you in obtaining affordable health insurance, go to www.healthcare.gov.

CurrentCare Enrollment

Enrolling in CurrentCare, RI’s statewide health information data exchange system, ensures the best care possible by providing your healthcare provider with secure electronic access to your most up-to-date health information. CurrentCare is free and you decide which doctors have access to view your secure health information.

Sign up at Wood River Health Services or click here to enroll. Follow the instructions on the screen and remember to select Doctor’s Office and then Wood River Health Services when asked who referred you to enroll.

Resources & Information

Rhode Island Health Organizations

Social Services

National Health Organizations

Community Organizations

Help Lines

  • Aids Project RI 1-800- 726 – 3010
  • RI Child Abuse Hotline 1-800- 742 – 4453
  • RI Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800- 494 – 8100
  • RI Council on Alcoholism 1-866- 252 – 3784
  • Dept. Of Elderly Affairs Protective Services Unit 401-462 – 0555
  • RI Legal Services 274 – 2652
  • Teens / Runaway Youth 521-(Safe)7233
  • Gay And Lesbian National Helpline 1-888- 843 – 4564/1-866- 488 – 7386
  • Sexual Assault & Trauma Resource Center Of RI 401 – 421 – 4100
  • Samaritan Suicide Hotline 1-800-365-4044/401-272 – 4044
  • Victims Of Crime Helpline 1-800- 494 – 8100