Our Mission


Mission Statement

To improve the health and well-being of our community by assuring access to affordable high quality healthcare, coordinated services, and health related information.

Vision Statement

To enhance our mission, Wood River Health Services is working to strengthen our communities where:

  • The needs and concerns of our patients/clients, and their family members are at the center of program decision making and service design
  • Community members have access to affordable high quality primary healthcare and behavioral health services for themselves and their families
  • Community members have access to the latest and most accurate healthcare information to assist them in making health related decisions
  • Healthcare services are coordinated and treatment related communication among healthcare professionals is timely and effective
  • Health outcomes for community members are at the highest levels possible
  • Health center patients/clients are actively engaged in their health and healthcare

Organizational Values

  • Quality – WRHS is dedicated to providing high quality integrated healthcare services to our patients/clients, and their families. Quality will be demonstrated by national and state level recognition, highly trained and competent staff, and a robust in-service education program. We are committed to high levels of data integrity and evidence informed practice protocols.
  • Patient Centered Team-Based Care – Multidisciplinary teams functioning with the patient’s/client’s needs at the center of decision-making will ensure that our healthcare systems will deliver optimal health outcomes for our community.
  • Communication – We believe open, honest, and abundant communication is essential. Focusing on strengths, we believe we can achieve the results we all desire. We are committed to an open and transparent community feedback system. We actively seek compliments and complaints through our various patient/client and visitor satisfaction feedback options.
  • Teamwork – We believe organizations must rely on the talents and skills of their staff. The effective use of teams and the development of individual talents create a stronger organization. Adhering to a positive focus, while not ignoring what needs to be improved, enables us to persevere and advance our mission.
  • Accessibility – We believe that healthcare is a right, and no one should be denied care based on his or her ability to pay. Where barriers exist, we will strive to assist our patients/clients in overcoming those obstacles to their healthcare.
  • Education – Health related education and knowledge of appropriate community resources are essential components for healthy communities. We are committed to educating the public about our services and other resources within our community.
  • Collaboration – As a provider of integrated healthcare and related services, we will collaborate with other providers and organizations within our community. We will work together to develop and strengthen the healthcare delivery system for the communities we serve.